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  1. Production defects are costly and every small shift to the left can have a substantial impact. Here are some tools and techniques to help your team get there faster.

    The post Left-shift defect detection: Catch problems early appeared first on The Zend Blog.

  2. Zend Server is the ultimate and most secure software platform for deploying, monitoring, debugging, maintaining, and optimizing enterprise PHP applications. With Zend Server, you can easily deploy applications on multiple servers, monitor traffic and events, debug errors with code tracing, and optimize your applications’ performance. It’s the perfect tool for building and operating professional PHP […]

    The post Ensure your application security with Zend Server and RIPS appeared first on The Zend Blog.

  3. While there is no standard or formal definition of the term “microservice,” one can essentially view microservices as a method of developing software systems as a suite of independently deployable, small, modular services that work together. Each service performs a specific process and communicates via a well-defined, typically lightweight mechanism to satisfy a particular b­­­usiness […]

    The post Introduction to microservices for IBM i appeared first on The Zend Blog.

  4. Join the Early Access program to test drive the latest Zend Server features! We've improved so many features, you'll notice the enhancements very quickly.

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  5. Avoid these three problems that managers often run into when developing and executing a developer training program.

    The post Three things you are doing wrong when training your developers appeared first on The Zend Blog.